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Forum Rules
Wentworth Forum Rules

By accessing or using the Wentworth Forum you agree to be bound by these rules. If you do not agree to these rules then please do not access or use Wentworth Forum.

1) No Racism, Paedophilia, Transphobia or Homophobia will be tolerated on this board

2) Anything goes as far as the characters go, but personally insulting an actor is not allowed. Offering an opinion on an actor's performance or lack thereof, however, isn't a personal attack aimed at the actor and is therefore acceptable..

3) There is no age restriction barring the access of the Wentworth Forum, but be aware that debate can sometimes get heated.

4) Personal insults towards another member will not be tolerated. By this, we specifically refer to name calling or trying to bait the poster. Denigrating the content of a post does not constitute a personal attack and as such is perfectly legitimate within the rules of this forum.

5) Posting personal information about another member without their prior permission will not be tolerated.

6) There is to be no public disagreement with the management. If you have an issue with one of the Moderators or the Admin use the PM system to make your grievances. We will always try to be fair.

7) We ask that you post concisely and don't use excessive 'text' talk'

8) No excessive swearing, except where necessary to enforce a point or as used in context

9) Posts should not comment on members lack of grammar or spelling, we can't all be English professors

10) No pornographic material will be posted on the board

11) There is to be no purposeful provocation of members in order to complain about them to the moderators when they respond to the provocation.

11)The Admin's decision is final and publicly disputing a decision will lead to an immediate suspension or ban.

If any of these rules are broken or it is obvious that a member is deliberately trying to cause trouble, the moderators will message the member(s) and issue them with a friendly warning. If deemed necessary, the moderators may give an official warning, which will show on the member's personal profile. In exceptional circumstances, the management reserve the right to enforce an outright Ban.

If a member's behaviour improves, however, the moderators will reduce the warning level a notch. This isn't meant as a reflection on the member, but as a reflection of the behaviour that warranted the warning in the first place. We do not advocate treating adults like children and we sincerely hope that the use of the warning system will prove unnecessary.

The majority of members are mature people who debate sensibly and respect the few - the very few - rules we set to ensure that a good time is had by all. The warning system is there for those members who won't - or can't - respect those rules or who exist simply to have fun at others' expense. These exceptional few will not be allowed to mess things up for the other members and warnings will be issued as and when they are required.

We aim to make this forum a friendly and welcoming community for fans of the show, please help us keep it that way.
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