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Alan Coleman has pioneered five nights a week fast turn around television drama around the world – the unique art form which is fondly referred to by viewers as ‘soap.’

In his autobiography which is entitled ‘One Door Shuts’, Alan lifts the lid on the serials which he has been associated with and also gives advice to actors wishing to break into this industry in a standalone section called ‘Take Five’ which is based on the training workshops which he has run on the sets of hit shows such as ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Shortland Street’.

Learn about Alan’s explosive early life in Birmingham, England when he saw his home being blown sky high and of his time spent in the air force and medical arena. Read how after staring death firmly in the face he joined ATV in the Midlands and became one of the original directors on ‘Crossroads’ which was the UK’s first five nights a week ‘soap.’

Alan talks about the acclaimed children’s series ‘Escape into Night’, ‘The Jensen Code’ and ‘Kids from 47A’ which he produced before being headhunted by Reg Grundy and taken out to Australia to help establish the Grundy Drama Department. Alan was the driving force behind the hit Grundy series ‘The Young Doctors’ and was also associated with other Grundy productions including ‘Class of 74’,  ‘Prisoner: Cell Block H’,  ‘Secret Valley’, ‘Case for the Defence’ and many others.

During his long and distinguished career he has Executive Produced serials including ‘Neighbours’ in Australia,  ‘Shortland Street’ in New Zealand,  ‘Unter Uns’ in Germany and ‘Goede Tijden – Slechte Tijden’ in the Netherlands.  His other directing credits include ‘Home & Away’,  ‘Echo Point’,  ‘Breakers’, ‘Above The Law’,  ‘Going Home’, ‘The Adventures of the Bush Patro’l and ‘Family Affairs’ in the UK.

‘One Door Shuts’ is essential reading for all ‘soap’ fans and also for actors wishing to learn more about this unique art form. Alan’s is an inspiring story which proves that against all odds anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

‘One Door Shuts’ has been released during 2009 to tie-in with the 45th anniversary of ‘Crossroads’ and the 35th anniversary of Grundy TV Drama. ‘One Door Shuts’ by Alan Coleman has been published by Trafford Publishing and can be ordered by heading to:-…d=SKU-000141354

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