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Rita Connors – 30th Anniversary Giftset

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

OTI have released an exclusive ‘Rita Connors – Prisoner 30th Anniversary Gift Set’! These sets are  strictly limited edition and are already being snapped up.

They will be on sale at both of Glenda’s forthcoming events, but for anyone who is unable to attend – now’s your chance to pre-order your very own set. As an added bonus, while Glenda is in the UK she has agreed to write a personal message / dedication on each set.

The Limited Edition Giftset contains:

1 x A4 ULTRA RARE Publicity photo of Rita beside the prison gates. 1 x A4 colour photo of Rita’s arrival, one of the most memorable arrivals in the series! 1 x B/W A4 copy featuring smaller rare promo shots of Glenda as Rita. 1 x RITA – Prisoner 30th anniversary key ring 1 x RITA – Prisoner 30th anniversary Pen, featuring the famous last quote from the series 1 x Brand New Colour Rita Fan Card 1 x Brand New B/W Rita Fan Card

The sets are being created escpecially to coincide with Glenda’s trip, so please do purchase a set if you’re able to, for your own personal souvenir from this much loved actress! Sets can be dedicated or undedicated.

For all the information about how to order one of these limited edition giftsets, please visit OTI at

Thanks for reading.

Rita Connors Giftset

Rita Connors Giftset