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Prisoner 30th Anniversary Reunion Party Review

Stewie’s Review

Stewie“Hey Everyone in PCBH land.. What an amazing out of this world day!! The whole thing started with me at first thinking that i had SLEPT IN !! huh Couldnt believe it as it was a long night before. I had met up with Rob and he had come to the Crown Promenade Hotel to meet up. We watched a few eps i had taken the last Volume with me on my flight to melbourne. haha ( don’t say anything tongue haha ) as i was nearly finished the total boxset i had bought over a year or so ago. I guess you dont think that 692 episodes is a sh*tload to watch when you start.. But i was so glad i enjoyed it from start to end. ( which i might add that i have approx 16 episodes in which to watch before that happens)

Anyway to the juicy bits of info your probably hanging out for.

As i was saying i thought i had slept in as i didnt get to bed until after 3AM .. after Rob and i had watched a few eps we headed off to the Crown Casino .. What a bloody huge complex .. i think its aproximately 4-5 times bigger than our Burswood casino back in perth. We got lost trying to find the entrance as we came in from the crown promenade hotel walk over bridge. I was just trying to find it as i heard it had massive marble entrance with massive waterfall inside.

We did find it and i just looked so in amazed by the mass of it. After we left there we headed to southbank i think LOL it was a big walk area where there was people doing all sorts of balancing tricks .. a guy on a little bicycle doing tricks and a lady in chains wrapped around her body trying to get out. Which she did !! There were restaurants applenty and we were hell starved. Anyway we got our meal which was nice if you like wraps.. Which we both enjoyed.

Back to sleeping .. ( Rob had left way before i did this ) tongue As i hadnt set my alarm after watching a few more episodes before going to bed. I woke up and was spewing as the time was 4:30 PM and i hadnt even felt like it was more than a few hours since i put my head down.

I could only swear the worst words consecutive as you do .. when things like this are very important or the same magnitude as this 30th anniversary was to me.

But … Lucky for this it was only a dream … a bloody nightmare !!! as when that had happened i Jumped out of bed as if i had seen a ghost !! .. i looked at my clock next to my bed and realised it was only 10:20 AM … I think my heart was racing at about 50 miles per hour at that time.. f**k !! thank f**k for that !!

( sorry guys about swearing) but thats exactly what i said LOL hope you dont mind.

At 11:30 Rob had picked me up to go shopping for a few items ( autograph Book , Pen , Food .. etc.. ) Along the way we detoured to the famous studio’s and passed the front gate of our beloved WENTWORTH DETENTION CENTRE !!! it was just so surreal to see it LIVE lol I think rob thought i was mad.. haha Chortle

Off to the shops we got our items and then went to the event. We arrrived at 1:35 PM and already there was a number of fans waiting anxiously near the gates for the time of when we all could go in.. ( for the last time )

Rob and i walked down to the gates and also waited where a few passionate fans took pics against the gate and some even went to the lengths of climbing up the fence as if to get in ( mimic Getting out of the prison !! ) it was great to see the enthusiasm. clap

After was seemed along time as the crowds of fans and the line got bigger , it was time to go in. Val’s Daughter was at the gate ready to hand out Passes and Lanyards and also check off people from the list. The excitment was there instantly. After i got through rob and i waited for Gav and Bianca to turn up to sort their ticket and then it was GAME ON !!! lmao .. we all headed up to the marque’s in 3 groups and inside there was tables and chairs all layed out. As we walked in beingthe LAST group .. the seats seamed to be scarce , in which we thought maybe we were unable to sit together as a group. But we decided to sit down at the round table which had a sign on it stating RESERVED. We had nothing to lose except to be moved onto somewhere else.. this did not happen.

Soon after it was time for all the cast that were invited to come throu the door, and i have to tell you the noise was furiously loud applause.

(and why wouldnt it be) I was stunned , i think my hands were red raw by time they all came though. I was really umm Overwhelmed !! all those famous names .. Margo as MC .. she called it like a roll call.. 1 by one they entered.. im just trying to think of all of them now as i sit here in my hotel .. The applause was so enthusiastic quiet a few of the cast were or seemed overwhelmed at the amount of fans there,just for them. Just some of the names i will try and remember (Not in order Sorry )


.. if i’ve missed any im sorry .. just really so much excitement to keep track of. Unfortunately some were unable to attend. JUDY BRYANT , ROZ , LYN WARNER.. but we still love them no matter what.

As we were then told the rules of the day.. autographs , photo’s , auctions , gourmet bbq .. etc.

I think just sitting in the room with all the excited fans , and the cast .. just looking at them all was unbeleivable , really hard to comprehend we were all there together.

Auction Items .. Rare these are from what i can remember .. lol excuse me but im having a few JD’s to celebrate my fantastic day!!

There were 2 x Original Uniforms in which one was worn recently by the lovely Collette Mann (Doreen)

There were also numerous (framed and signed) TV WEEK cover pages of through the years ..

1x Bea ( smoking ) LOL 1 x Jim & Lizzie .. and alot of others that hopefully someone else can tell you what they were as i was still looking at wonder of the cast.

1 x Tshirt type windcheater that belonged to Erica Davidson ( it has her DNA ) lol was said ..

1 x SET of original Fan Cards which were auctioned 1 at a time and signed by who was there..

( The BOXSET door prize was won .. ) not sure by who as the cheer was through the roof.

( $2500.00 Travel voucher was won .. i did speak with this guy but unfortunately i’m not sure of his name it could be Bernard , don’t hold me to it tongue lol)

There was also a presentation from the group from ALCATRAZ presented to Bea and the rest of the cast… A letter of sorts was read out from a special person.

I was however looking for a few other regular people on the forum but was unsure if they were the right people .. those people i think are going to maggie K’s dinner.. now guy’s if you read my post .. come see me PLZ … “CraigJohn, Phil , Brian ” would be nice to say hello and spend a bit of time having a gossip and a drink.

MEAL was tasty .. Typical b.b.q food .. but i thought was cooked rather well. ( Loved the Cooked mushrooms )

Speech was done by Myra (Anne Phelan) thanking everyone and Bea ( Val ) particularly for her acheivement in organising this event.

More photo’s and Autograph’s were taken by fan’s and i would have to say the cast did a magnificent job from what i could see of signing .. smiling cheerfully .. greeting .. chatting .. which was totally appreciated by us all.

There were also a few perimmeter breaches , because of some dedicated fan’s ( Gav & Bianca ) a big WELL DONE !!

pics were taken at high risk with security chasing them LOL.

I’m still quiet amazed and bewildered at the same time of the magnitude of what i and many others experienced today.

Personally i would love to thank VAL again for a tremendous effort .. hat’s off to you !!! Love and Hugs for doing all this for us the fans.

Well guy’s i hope i have brought this to you in a way to make you feel as thou you were also a part of it.

I have some pics to show you and some autographs if you don’t mind.



Posted with permission, thanks Stewie!.

View Stewie’s photos from the event here.

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